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Welcome to music ministry at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Parish.

We celebrate with music in both English and Spanish and our Masses are broken down as follows:

  • Saturday 4:30pm-Organ with small choir English
  • Saturday 6:00pm-Spanish with rotating choir
  • Sunday 7:30am-Traditional (piano and guitar) with small choir English
  • Sunday 9:00am- Spanish with rotating choir
  • Sunday 11:00am- Contemporary (piano, guitars, flute, violin, horns, drums, etc.) English
  • Sunday 1:00pm-Spanish with rotating choir

Opportunities to participate in music besides Sunday Masses:
    • Parish Penance Services
    • May Crowning
    • Retreats
    • Holy Days of Obligation
    • Lenten Prayer Around the Cross
    • Ministry Days

*When there is a 5th Sunday in a month, a children’s choir sings at all Masses


We welcome all who have a calling to be in music ministry whether you can play an instrument or just want to sing. 

You don’t have to read music or be the next “American Idol” but it doesn’t hurt.

Contact:  John Koss (Coordinator of Liturgy and Sacred Music) at 760-689-6207 or jkoss@stpeter-fallbrook.org

Para información en Español llame Juan Domingo 949-614-6205 y deje su mensaje.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be able to read music to be in this ministry?

Reading music is not required but it sure helps.


How old do I have to be to join a group?

Children from 3rd– 8th grade may sing when there is a special children's choir at Christmas but you must be in the 4th grade to sing on a regular basis with an adult group.


How can I become a cantor and what are the qualifications?

To become a cantor you must have an above average voice and the confidence to use it. You must then audition and if you are accepted there is a short training that you will take. This is entirely up to the music director.


Do I have to sing every week to be in the ministry?

No. Many people choose to sing twice a month and many of our groups are designed to sing every other week. We are flexible in this regard.


Do you offer any music classes or private lessons?

No, I’m afraid we do not have the ability to offer lessons. There are qualified people in Fallbrook who can teach you anything you want to learn but we do not offer that service.


When are rehearsals?

That all depends on the group you are in. Many groups meet just before Mass to practice but some meet another day during the week. You might want to get that info before you commit to a particular group.


How do I get started?

Easy. Just call or email John Koss(Coordinator of Liturgy and Sacred Music) at 760-689-6209 or