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The Courage Ministry is a support ministry for those who are struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA).

What does Courage believe:

  • Persons with SSA can follow Jesus Christ according to Roman Catholic spiritual and moral teaching.
  • Persons with SSA can develop an assured, grace-filled understanding of themselves while growing into their true identities as mature men and women.
  • Homosexual attractions or feelings are not a sin; however, homosexual acts are immoral and do not lead to a deeper life in Christ.
  • A person’s dignity does not depend upon his or her sexual attractions but upon his or her relationship to Jesus Christ.
  • Men and women with SSA can lead chaste lives. Chastity, made possible by Christ’s redemption, is a liberating virtue and a source of joy and human freedom.

Courage provides confidential, welcoming, and informative support for men and women with SSA. Please join us.

For more information, please contact Paul: 760-723-0464.

 †  Mass Schedule  † 

  6:30 pm Spanish
  8:30 am English
  8:30 am English
  Vigil   4:00 pm English
  Vigilia  6:00 pm Spanish
   9:00 am  English
  11:00 am  Spanish
All Masses are now celebrated inside the church.