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†  Ministry of Altar Server

Altar servers provide invaluable service to the presider at all Masses and special services in the Church.


Who can be an altar server?

  • Any person 10 years of age and older who has received First Communion
  • Active and faithful members of the Church
  • Reliable and fully trained
  • Able to pay close attention to detail


Can only children or youth be altar servers?

Actually no! We encourage people of all ages to participate in this ministry. In fact, we would really like to see whole families serve together at the same Mass whenever possible. What better way to participate in ministry than with your whole family and what better way to bring a family together than at the table of the Lord.


What are the responsibilities of an altar server?

  • Carry thurifer, cross, candles and books in procession
  • Bring vessels, water, wine and missal to altar to assist presider
  • Clear altar of all vessels after communion
  • Hold appropriate books for presider during prayers and readings at Mass


What do I have to do in order to become a server?

All servers are required to attend a training which may be done in multiple installments if necessary. Once trained, they will be scheduled with more experienced servers until they move up the ranks based on their experience.

There are periodic updates and training which are announced when necessary to implement changes.


Just call the Parish Office for more info on becoming an altar server at 760-689-6200.  

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