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People experience the presence of Jesus Christ in the world through the ministry of the Church. The first task of the parish community is to reach out to all people in Christian love and service. Christian hospitality draws people together, opens them to participation, and sets the tone for the liturgy. In their welcome and Christ-like attitude, ministers of hospitality ensure that the faithful see and experience the love of Christ.


The ministry of hospitality is crucial because it is so visible in the Church. Certainly the attitude, conduct and even the appearance of the minister of hospitality directly affects, either positively or negatively, the experience of the faithful at Mass.


Those chosen for the Ministry of Hospitality:

  • are to be active and faithful members of the Church
  • be of devout character
  • should be comfortable meeting and greeting others
  • are to comply with the Parish Minister Dress Code.


Notice there is no age limit? Children can be involved with their parents if they meet the above criteria.


Responsibilities Include:

  • Arrive early to Mass to pray and prepare
  • Check for any special mass instructions
  • Greet people as they arrive
  • Take up the collection
  • Prepare church for next Mass
  • Be familiar with the Guidelines for Minister of Hospitality


If you wish to be considered for this ministry please contact John Koss, Coordinator of Liturgy: 760-689-6207 or jkoss@stpeter-fallbook.org

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