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†  Extraordinary Minister of Holy           Communion

“Provision must be made lest reception of Communion become impossible or difficult owing to a lack of a sufficient number of ministers.”

Immensae Caritatis (January 29, 1973)


In his instruction Immensae Caritatis, Pope Paul VI gave permission for lay-faithful to assist the Priest during Mass with the distribution of  Holy Communion. Those who assist with the distribution of Holy Communion are called Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.


These ministers are typically scheduled to serve at the Mass they normally attend, and on Holy Days and other special Eucharistic Celebrations during the year such as Thanksgiving Day, Easter Triduum, etc.  Some ministers bring Holy Communion to the sick that are homebound, in the hospital or care facilities within the boundaries of the parish.


Those chosen to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

  • Are to be a mature person of 15 years or older, confirmed and lead an exemplary Christian life.
  • Have a special love and reverence for the Blessed Sacrament
  • Are reliable and responsible in fulfilling their commitment
  • Are to comply with the Parish Minister Dress Code.



  • Assist the “ordinary” (priest) in distributing Communion at Mass
  • Bring Holy Communion to the sick and homebound (especially on Sundays).


If you wish to be considered for this ministry please contact Kristine Almada: 760-689-6208.

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